Terror in Resonance

Zankyou no Terror - 残響のテロ

Terror in Resonance fanservices
  • Genre:AllSeinen
  • Release year:2014
  • Episode worked on: 11
In an alternate version of present-day society, Tokyo is plagued by shocking terrorist attacks, with the only hint to the identities of the culprits being a series of bizarre videos uploaded to the internet. The police, baffled by these cryptic clues, are powerless to stop the paranoia spreading across the population. Only one detective seems to have any idea about the motive behind the attacks and, possibly, the individuals behind them. While the world searches for a criminal mastermind responsible for this tragedy, two mysterious children – children who shouldn’t even exist – skillfully continue to carry out their plan to alert the populace to a buried tragedy while evading capture. Cursed to walk through this world with the names Nine and Twelve, the two combine to form “Sphinx,” a clandestine entity determined to find justice for themselves and the other children society forgot to remember