Welcome to Shontai

I'll try to publish fanservice as far as possible (since the launch of the site, I am at one new girl per day 😉).
As soon as I watch an anime, I'd post the associated fanservices first.

This website is currently under construction, many new features will arrive. Like what I call "Nude filter". You can see a soft preview down below 👇
I can't wait to start this new adventure with you, with fanservice enthusiasts 😊

Have a nice day,

How it works?

Shontai – Beyond fanservice

By creating this site, I wanted to celebrate the fanservice. Nowadays many people criticize anime for their outrageous use of fanservice. And it gives a bad image of this practice. But I'm not agree with that mentality. Fanservice is something I like to watch, and I thank the manga artists for giving us such beautiful things to see.
This website is for all person who love fanservice, and want to go further.